Accept The Challenge



  • Click here to donate $11.

  • If you are unable to contribute $11, see the FAQ about "How to get sponsored".

  • To support a specific Nonprofit, select that organization during donation checkout.


Post (on November 1st)

Directions for the Video:

  • Say "I accept the Burpees For Vets Challenge."

  • Set a timer. Do as many burpees as you can in 11 seconds!

Directions for the caption OR video over-lay text:

  • Mention you donated $11 to @burpeesforvets.

  • Mention you completed 11 seconds of burpees.

  • Nominate others: "You're up!" Tag 3 people.

  • Tag @burpeesforvets and #burpeesforvets.




  • Text the friends you nominated to get them on board!

  • Post in other places, like on your story, on another social media platform, or in a group chat.

  • Share the video and mission in community groups you're a part of to spread the word!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I gain access to the donor "thank you" rewards?

All of the links, promo codes, and details of your rewards will be provided after you complete your donation. At the very least you will receive an email from to access that information. Please note it may take up to 24 hours for that email to arrive.

I’m not physically capable of doing burpees. What do you recommend I do?

We know, burpees are tough! You can modify however by doing any portion of the burpees… Like squats, pushups, or jumps. Regardless of the exercise you do be sure to still tag @burpeesforvets, say “Burpees For Vets Challenge” in your video intro, and use the same hashtag #burpeesforvets.

Where do the donations go and are they tax-deductible?

100% of donation dollars go to our Nonprofit partners and are tax-deductible. Learn more about the Nonprofit partners involved and the impact of your dollar by visiting the "Impact tab" on the BurpeesForVets website.

How should I time myself?

You can use a watch, a second piece of technology like a laptop, you can position yourself near a clock, you can do it in the kitchen and use a stove timer, or ask a friend to time you. If that’s not possible, then an estimate is fine. Depending on your speed you’ll probably get between 3 and 7 burpees done in 11 seconds.

How to get sponsered / What if I'm not able to donate $11?

That’s no problem, we’ll have other participants sponsor you! Post based on the instructions, including the part about donating $11. Someone else has got you covered!